As we mark Women in Construction Week, we take a moment to express our deepest gratitude to the incredible women who contribute their talent, expertise, and passion to make United Glass & Panel Systems and United Architectural Metals, Inc. thrive.

These women stand as powerful statements, breaking barriers, and showcasing that construction is not just a man’s world. From Assistants all the way to CEO, their contributions are immeasurable. Boosting the company diversity in woman in the workforce/construction. Their skills drive progress, creativity fuels innovation, and leadership sets the standard for excellence. Together, they amplify the collective strength of our workforce, making a lasting impact on the construction field.

At United Glass & Panel Systems and United Architectural Metals, Inc., we recognize the importance of diversity in our workforce. We celebrate the women who bring unique perspectives, talents, and resilience to the construction realm.

Here’s to the women who are not just building structures; they are building a future where equality and diversity thrive in every brick and beam. Shoutout to our awesome team!!!