Superior Service

Our team at United Glass and Panel Systems includes comprehensive design services, project management, and a complete service division.  This powerful combination of minds enables the most detailed concepts, financial forecasting and stability, adaptability, and understanding of projects.  UGPS offers a comprehensive service for projects as small as shattered glass repair to design and installation of the most complex curtain wall systems.

Unparalleled Project Management

One of the most crucial keys to efficient and seamless project installation is a collaborative team. A UGPS project team oversees the complete process for the installation of highly technical and elaborate systems such as sheer panel, dry panel, engineered facade, and curtain wall systems. Therefore, thorough communication and synergy is absolutely necessary, beginning with an in-depth understanding of the architect’s vision for each structure.


Projects are managed by a team consisting of a project manager, project coordinator, lead designer, estimator, and our general manager. Our project manager leads this process, ensuring the architect’s and/or owner’s vision is met with the highest level of cognizance related to cost control and unsurpassed quality measures. Project managers work diligently with our estimators to provide highly detailed, real-time organized cost management measures with full transparency capabilities offered to our clients.

We understand the fluid nature of managing added value opportunities and dedicate resources to ensuring our team is working in the best interest of the project cost parameters. Our design team collaborates with the operations facet of our project team to fuse aesthetic intent with effective constructability, and ultimately, a healthy and professionally executed envelope that exceeds the most stringent expectations.

A Dedicated Service Division

Accidents happen and with Ohio Weather, a clear forecast can quickly turn sour.  Whether it’s an unexpected hail storm that shatters glass or a brutal ice storm that deteriorates structure health, UGPS offers quick delivery of repair services.  Like any profitable business, we understand that productivity is absolutely necessary. Therefore, minimal disruption of the workplace is key to keeping your team prolific.  UGPS dedicates an entire entity to fast reaction times and strategic planning for providing service to clients as needed.

Extensive In-House Services

The In-House Services we provide at UGPS are those of an owner’s dream.  Project owners work with the project team from the conceptual phase all the way through to construction and installation.  In translation, there is a large weight eliminated from the shoulders of owners who would otherwise need to find a design service, sub-contractor, and contractor.  At UGPS, we oversee each step in a process we refer to as Design-Assist.


  • Conceptual Development
  • 2-D Design and Support

  • 3-D Building Information Modeling (BIM) in various shared formats

  • Retained Subcontracting
  • Final Budget Parameters

  • “Cost Plus” Contract Structure Capabilities

  • Total Transparency