Thrilled to announce and extend warmest congratulations to Jay Salem on his well-deserved promotion to Director of Operations! To celebrate this milestone, Jay shared some of his favorite UNITED memories, his career role models and some insightful advice on building a successful career.

What’s your advice on building a successful career?

Starts with doing what you love. From there, you must surround yourself with good people and a positive culture. Always set goals and evaluate yourself to make sure you’re on track to meet them. Lastly, be positive, adapt, communicate well & often, and always have more of your product knowledge than anyone else!

Do you have a professional role model? If so, who?

Our UNITED leaders Tom Nesbitt & Shelly Nesbitt really are two of my biggest role models because of what they’ve created with the United Team, and because of how hard & long they continue to work every day to make this place a success.

What’s your favorite UNITED memory?

Learning how to do CW shop drawings from my old roommate Maurice (we shared an office at the old building). Debating with KC about whether it was possible to fabricate complex geometries on the KSU Dihub project. Brainstorming with Bill, Mike & all the foreman on how to solve and overcome field conditions that were obstacles. 16-hour days driving to York and back for water testing. Crazy weekends at a Pennsylvania hunting cabin with the entire office. Golf outings with employees from our sister company down the street. Helping design this building and even working on its construction with the office & field guys, as well as my kids that helped with demo & cleanup (they were like 9 & 10 years old at the time).