Design Assist

United Glass and Panel Systems differentiates ourselves with stellar Design-Assist capabilities. Our team is fully engaged throughout the entire project, beginning with the first conceptual phase and ending with field representation during construction and installation. Our Design Assist method consolidates the 4 areas of focus for exterior facade systems: Architectural Ingenuity, Material Sourcing and Structure, Budget and Cost Management, and Installation.

Receive More with DA

Design Assist solves multiple problems with one solution. Which, in turn, is the most ideal scenario for owners and project stakeholders. Our process offers peace of mind, stability, and efficiency for both aesthetic and monetary value. We are flexible in our services and have frequently provided faceted versions of our DA program outside of the contractual structure. Our top priority is to exceed our clients’ expectations in every way possible.

Design Assist Phase 1: Architectural Ingenuity

Architectural Ingenuity is the first step in our design-assist process.  However, it is included during every phase and kept in front of the mind.  By this, we mean that we start by gathering all relevant details for accomplishing the owner or architect’s vision from a creative standpoint.  Pertinent details to consider might include: 

  •  Glass Characteristics – color, reflectivity, the amount of light that is transmitted, exposure-driven performance criteria and more.
  • Spandrel Properties – Consider shadow box construction, ceramic enamel, silicone based-paints, or back pan assemblies for thermal envelope continuity and conformance with building UL designs.
  • Sun Control Devices – Skylights, solar panels, and vertical or horizontal sunshades, to name a few.
  • Curtain Wall Infill Materials – Perhaps granite, resin panels, or our personal favorite, terra cotta. 

During this phase, we are sure to capture the artistic intention.  Once we believe we have, we continue with the design process. Our in-house design services include both 2-D and 3-D building information modeling, also known as BIM. We embody the technology to work through the entire design phase whether it’s shared or independently cloud-based.

Design Assist Phase 2: Structural Analysis and Material Sourcing

Phase 2 focuses on the engineering of advanced systems and how to design in a way that will properly support building structure, conditions, and requirements. In comparison to Phase 1 where we take into account aesthetic features, this phase is where we consider “The Working Features.” After careful analysis of design loads, differential movement of relevant building components and installation tolerances, we can move forward with material sourcing.

A key advantage of our DA program at UGPS is our ability to reliably source high-quality material. Additionally, as changes arise during the design or installation process, we are able to make quick adjustments. How is this possible? United Glass and Panel Systems’ sister company, United Architectural Metals (UAM), designs and manufactures complex unitized curtain wall systems. UAM proudly manufactures its metal and glass solutions in North Canton, Ohio. Due to our intertwined relationship, we are able to make adjustments accordingly. Additionally, this is a very large advantage when considering budget and cost management.

Design Assist Phase 3: Budget and Cost Management

UGPS works collaboratively with project stakeholders throughout the entire project. We accurately establish budget parameters early on. Additionally, our Design-Assist program operates using a Cost Plus Contract model. This model offers complete transparency during the entire process. If you are unfamiliar with a Cost Plus system, it is an invoice + a fixed fee that is established during the auditing process. As a result, owners know where each and every dollar is spent. Our clients work hand-in-hand with our sales & estimating team during this process as we validate each every dollar, ensuring our clients are not spending more than absolutely necessary to get the highest quality for dollars spent.

Design Assist Phase 4: Installation

There is a direct handoff from Design-Assist to installation due to our project team’s engagement from cradle to grave. Regardless of design specifications and features, UGPS provides a faultless installation. Due to our envelope capabilities and signatory trades, our team offers extensive product knowledge from conceptual design to final installation and workmanship.

Our Leadership Team

Tom Nesbitt — CEO

Joe Schultheis — General Manager

Warren Schilling III — Chief Estimator

Jay Salem — Senior Project Manager

Scott Mashchak — Project Manager

Angela Morneweck-Macner — Project Manager

Maurice Barillas — Senior Designer

Kevin Cavanagh — Fabrication Technician

Jon Gatian — Service Director / Safety Manager

Bill Myher — General Superintendent

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